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Only three permissions!

No ads!

Why do some battery apps want so many permissions?

Some literally want to take control of your phone while

others want to know about you and all of your contacts.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you don't have to give up it up in order to get a great battery app!

And no Internet connection means the least battery drain!

New Percent Add-ons to customize as never before!

Dashboard gives quick access to information!

Charge level, battery status (charging or discharging), battery temperature, battery health, "unplugged/plugged since" information

Mute alerts feature lets you quickly postpone alarms
in 15 minute intervals.

Customize your status bar!

24 HD FREE add-on themes to personalize your phone like no other battery app. With or without the percent sign,
normal size and extra-large fonts, official Android colors or extra bright colors for dim status bars. Four color add-ons, white, black, red, orange, yellow, fuchsia and purple.

No other battery app offers so many options!

New animated charging icons tell you at a glance that your charger is connected!

Change font / Icon add-ons
selection screen

Press settings button here to the right of icon selection to pick color levels (if choosing a 4-color font or add-on) and charging icons at the next screen. See below.

24 free HD (high density) add-on themes and 13 more MD (medium density) themes are just a button push away by pressing "Get more icons..."

Full Battery Charge Options

Numerous full battery charge options including repeat intervals, repeat in a loop, various vibration lengths,
ignore USB connection, flash LED and custom full charge percentage...

Low Battery Charge

Low battery charge options include repeat intervals, repeat
in a loop, various vibration lengths and flash LED

Charger Connection Options

Options include various vibration lengths, and ignore USB connection

Use separate notifications sounds for connect and disconnect

Quiet Hours

Choose the hours when you want full charge, low charge
and connection alerts muted.

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